Starting the Journey-Step Two "Tuning In"

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One of the great things about home schooling is the ability for parents to customize learning to fit the individual child. Learning is very individual. This leads us to today’s topic: “Tuning In” Learn Your Child’s Learning Style.
I am a very visual learner. Classes taught through flat lectures and book reading left me wanting and easily distracted. I remember very little from most of my classes. However, the Physics teacher who threw erasers across the room and asked us “how fast was that moving” definitely motivated me! The English teacher who often filled extra class time with coloring exercises (in high school) motivated me! We would color the picture, then see who could come up with the most creative caption. To explain “Job Costing” in college, my professor lined us up like an assembly line. She gave the first person a piece of paper. They were to fold it in half, pass it on, and get another piece of plain paper to fold. The next person did the next fold. In the end the final person had a paper airplane. She would let us fold and fold for about five minutes before yelling “STOP”. We would then calculate the cost of the half finished airplanes. This is where my love of cost accounting started. I love teachers like that. I have friends, however, that do not like to learn this way. Sit them down in the middle of the library and they will practically learn by osmosis. We have different learning styles.
Before you start home schooling, and before you decide what methods or curriculums to purchase, you should take a moment to tune in to your child’s learning styles.
I have collected a couple of great links to help you in this step.
Understanding Learning Styles
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Determining Your Child’s Learning Style
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