Starting the Journey-Step Three "Curriculums and Methods"

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Curriculums and Methods
One thing you probably noticed while you were finding friends and learning your child’s learning styles is that we all do it differently. Some of us use textbooks, some are more strict and classical, some are very relaxed, some “appear” to barely do school at all. That’s because, as homeschoolers, we are blessed with the ability to customize our curriculum and alter our methods to best fit our family situation and our children’s needs. Even when your state requires testing or virtual schools, you, as the parent, still have options.
Currently, we are probably in a mix of Traditional and Unschooling. We do workbooks, but we also just randomly study what we are currently interested in (see the post about tornadoes). We are planning to try out a full, and somewhat structured, curriculum next year for First Grade. I personally am making this change more for me than for Sam. I think having a guided curriculum will help me feel more secure that we are, in fact, learning something. Even then, I don’t expect to do everything in it, rather I expect to compliment it with lapbooks, field trips, and random research. has a great list and descriptions of different methods of homeschooling.
They also have a great list of curriculums and links! (One that I noticed is not listed is Christian Light, I was put on to this by a friend who uses some of their subjects with her youngest son, whom is easily distracted by colorful pages. Christian Light’s workbooks are simple and in black and white. Christian Light has no website, but a catalog can easily be requested by phone. I’ll try to find their phone number and post it here soon.)
Check out the homeschool groups you’ve joined from step one, ask your friends. If you already homeschool, then please leave a comment letting us know what worked for you!
Remember, just because you pick one today doesn’t mean you can’t change it tomorrow. We’ve been homeschooling for all of three months and already I’ve changed the game plan twice. I had no idea she would pick up on new stuff so quickly, and I had to adjust in order to keep it all interesting.
Step Four-Curriculum Fairs will be posted after Christmas!