The Christmas Road Trip!

Tonight at 7 we begin our madly overbooked Christmas weekend.

NORMALLY, my family does their get together the weekend before Christmas. Well, I guess technically this IS the weekend before Christmas but I was expecting it to be last weekend. There was a bit of a mixup and we ended up with two family parties (three hours apart) on the same weekend as our Christmas Play at church.

So tonight, when hubby gets home from his loooong commute, we will hop in the car and make the three hour drive to my moms house. There we will open presents at 11pm, because we have to get up and out the door to go to Nana’s tomorrow morning. We will stay at Nana’s all day, return to mom’s around 5pm, wait to see my little brother and his new girlfriend, then hop back in our car for that long trip home.

Once home, I will start and finish the Christmas bulletins for church, go to bed, get up early, get everyone bathed and in their special Christmas dresses and rush off to church an hour early to prepare for the play.

After the play, we’ll inhale some lunch in the fellowship hall, make our apologies for not staying longer and rush over to the local Hunt Club where my mother in law is hosting her family Christmas party.

With a little luck we’ll sneak out before 5pm. Hubby will then scoot over to his parents basement to complete (hopefully) Sam’s doll house.

I would say that Christmas Eve will be calmer, as there is nothing currently on the agenda, but I fear the doll house will occupy him Monday as well. There are a handful of family members, that are local, that are probably going to call that day and request a visit.

It will all be worth it though. In the end.

We adopted a new policy this year on Christmas gifts. Our girls were asked to pick five things they wanted. Santa would pick three. We gave them several weeks, asking everyday, so we could get a feel for what would stay on the list for the long haul.

Maybe it’s because their still young, and many of their “wants” are still relatively inexpensive (compared to the laptop my 15 year old brother wanted), we have been blessed and our girls will be getting all five things are their lists. Three from Santa, one from us, and one from one of the grandparents. Most of the rest of the family have agreed to purchase either consumable items (crafts, markers, etc.) or items that go with their other gifts. For example, my Dad and his wife are getting Sam doll house furniture.

Knowing that Tuesday morning will be awesome, fun and not nearly as overwhelming as last year (we went toy crazy) gives me something to look forward to. It makes the running now worth it. If I run now, I won’t have to run that day. I can just sit in my pj’s and watch the girls play.

May God Bless you and yours this Christmas! I’ll be back next week!

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  1. Sniz says:

    Love your attitude about playing with your kids now and cleaning later. I need more of that…I struggle with the messes the kids make, but know I shouldn’t…oh well, I’m a work in progress! Hope your Christmas is awesome!

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