Welcome Back Everyone!

I’m hoping everyone had a great and blessed Christmas! I’m glad to be back, well almost back anyway. There’s a ton of stuff to do, new toys to put away, a tree to take down, and the normal routine to get back into. (Did we even have one of those to start with?)

I’ll post some pics soon. I have to find my camera first. I spent most of yesterday attempting to pick up from the festivities but failed miserably. Hubby came home and wanted to know what happened to the living room. It HAD been clean, until the girls woke up. So I have decided to let it ride for now. I’ll pick up a little, keep up the kitchen and make the beds, but the rest can wait until the weekend. Once we put up the tree and the decorations I’ll start worrying about how the rest of the house looks. I did make progress on the laundry. It hadn’t been done since last Wednesday and with the girls trying on all of their new outfits (and proceeding to get them dirty) we accumulated quite a bit.

This was the first Christmas Eve in 11 years that we spent all day at home. Normally, we have a family party to attend, followed by me and the girls hanging out with my best friend while our hubbys do last minute shopping. We stayed at home and enjoyed our little Christmas blessing in private (I’ll explain that later 🙂 )

I need to get off of this thing and go start on the kitchen. I almost have it back in one piece, still need to find a home for my new muffin pans. My goals for today are to finish the laundry (and put it away!), pick up the kitchen and tackle the bathroom. That’s it….. oh, well, I’d like to brush my teeth and take a shower too!

I can’t share with you yet what my favorite gift was…. but please tell me yours! What was the best gift you received this year? I’ll post later about the best one I gave… hint: it was to hubby’s Grandfather… I love that man!