I'm drowning… exactly HOW am I supposed to do this?

Ok moms, a little panic blogging right now…

I just spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get my girls to clean their room! My mom actually timed it because she called right before the screaming started. I can’t be getting up at 5 am every morning and NOT getting anything accomplished…or at least it feels that way.

We did get a little school done… buy hey, it’s Kindy… it’s not that time consuming. The kitchen is still a mess, because I couldn’t clean yesterday (no hot water)

I checked my bloglines just now while eating some lunch and a friend had posted her January ToDo list… How in the world do you keep all of that straight!

I have tried day planners, I have notebooks and notepads out the wazoo! I’ve had a palm pilot, to do software, wall calendars, and then some. I can’t seem to make any headway before my family has taken me back ten steps…

It’s only going to get worse when the new baby arrives… I was really hoping to get a grip on some of it before then..

I need suggestions ladies… I need some advice… I almost feel like if I could just have two days here ALONE (no hubby either) then I could get caught up… am I delusional?