A literal pen pal!

I thought it might be fun to participate in the HSBA December Swap. I had only done two swaps before and it was with ladies I had known a while, so I was a bit nervous.

Around mid December I was sent my swap buddies information and OH MY… we both *HEART* pens! and pencils, and markers, and paper, and….

I’m a slacker, and since the due date wasn’t until Dec. 30th, I put off sending my package until after my crazy weekend. My Swap Buddie, was NOT such a slacker.

I came home and almost tripped over a wonderful box of goodies nestled right inside my back door!

So without further ado…. This is what I received from my apparently very stylish “Pen” pal swap buddy Lori,

I’ve already started using the notebook to make notes about what to get and do before the baby arrives! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red sharpie marker! I didn’t have any that were fine point and this one has proved to come in very handy the last couple of days.

I was saving the coffee for Christmas morning, but in my sleepiness I totally forgot it. Guess hubby and I will have to indulge this weekend in a little spicy coffee time.

Samantha, my little diva, can’t wait for Sunday when I have agreed to take those fancy tissues to church in our church bag. “Momma, they have checkers on them!”

And, now that our hot water heater is fixed, I think this momma deserves a nice hot bubble bath with her new Pomagranate and Guava candle! It smells oh so goooood!

Thanks Lori, I certainly hope I get to swap with you again some time!

3 thoughts on “A literal pen pal!

  1. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    🙂 I keep sniffing the candle…

    I’m glad you like the name… 🙂 I must be slacking off on goofing off though, cuz my house is relatively tidy today…. (I better mess it up quick… oh yeah 🙂 I still have to cook supper..that’ll do it!)

  2. lori says:

    I FINALLY know where you are in blog world…I’ve never had a link!!!
    Yours is up too!!!!
    thanks again! Hope you are feeling well!!!

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