Last Nights "SuperNanny" episodes…

I can’t keep it in… I just can’t…
It is only on a rare occasion that I even get to see the show, usually when I’m in need of a new trick to use on my kids, but since last night was full of reruns and football we ended up watching “Wife Swap” (ugh) and the back to back “Supernanny” episodes. I wasn’t going to post about it, but when I was reviewing the keywords used to find my other blog I stumbled upon some sites that were talking negatively about homeschooling rather than on the parents.
To start off the evening, Wife Swap had a homeschooling mother that appeared to never let her kids out.  I don’t know if it’s true, I don’t know her or the family.  I just didn’t see the kids involved in anything outside of home.  They seemed perfectly fine and respectful children, not to mention well educated, but if my mother had seen that she’d have been on the phone with me all night.  (Just for the record, I didn’t care for the other mom much either…  talk about two extremes).
Then there was the second Supernanny episode that involved two teenage homeschooled girls left to care for their three brothers all day.  I have seen a few blogs (that I won’t link to) that seemed to focus their complaints on the homeschooling not on the obvious neglect and abuse.  Who cares if they are homeschooled?  Why are they being asked to act like parents?  What gives the mom the right to just “give up” when she gets home and leave it all up to her kids?
So, I felt the need, for any of my family that might be reading, to let everyone know…
I’m not trying to hide my kids from the world.
I AM going to let them out and let them have friends…  it’s freezing outside right now so forgive me if we’ve skipped a few park play dates…it’s WINTER.
I am NOT doing this so that Sammy can take care of the smaller kids while I do something else.
and if EVER, I felt this decision was turning into a poor decision… I would reevaluate it, immediately.

4 thoughts on “Last Nights "SuperNanny" episodes…

  1. sophiesmark says:

    hello there.
    A fully homeschooled, college educated and med school bound visitor here.
    Just wanted to say that I am sure you don’t lock your kids up all day, nor make them care for their sibs full time. That wasn’t the case in my family either, but we did get the comments from nosey folks who thought that we were “too close” and didn’t understand how we could be interested in being together as much as we did. Oh well, sorry they don’t find any joy in family.
    I do not know the family featured in last nights show personally, but they are a friend of a friend and apparently the show and how it was depicted was extremely edited. Also the girls only do the extra schooling in the summer, but go to public school full time otherwise. Another thing that was not shown was that the grandparents are on board full time while the mom is out working- product of great editing. The girls do not slave away.
    It is a shame that the family ahs been portrayed this way and even worse that people are threatening them the way they are right now. Just don’t believe everything you see on TV.

  2. Wendy says:

    It is not easy when television shows portray homeschool families this way and then our families say, yep that is why you should not do this.
    Funny story. My ILs kept my two older kids for one night, and they got along great. My MIL said, “Wow, they are close and work together well. I am impressed.” Well gee, do you mean to tell me that people who spend time together enjoy being together, who would’ve thought it. They also managed to show off some knowledge and talk about their friends and the things that we did this year (unprovoked by me). YAY kids!
    Also, I checked out the faith blog that you have started following, and it is wonderful. I am sorry that the other one did not work out, but seriously you have a VERY full plate.

  3. taderdoodles says:

    I’m sorry to hear that it was misrepresented, but at the same time I’m happy to hear that it’s not really like that. I went to public school, I came home and helped my mom. I babysat at a way too young age because mom was a single mom who had to go to a regular job at night, and at day, and sometimes over the weekend. I helped her keep the house clean. But it wasn’t like that. And ummmm there was no dad around to do it either. So it just seemed unfair to me to see them have to work like that. Glad that’s not totally how it is. I know they need to “up” things for TV but I really wish the media would consider the effects of leaving certain things on the editing floor.
    Your kids should get a big high five!
    I have a history of putting too much on my plate 🙂 I’m trying to focus… best to have two things accomplished rather than ten things done poorly…

  4. Billie says:

    I think (at least, I hope) that families like those shown on these shows are rare. The way the show portrays these families, it’s as if they have lost all common sense. I agree with you, the worst was the family who relied on the teenage daughters to do everything. It was ridiculous!

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