The new game plan is working…. this week..

Forgive me some more… but I still haven’t found my info on the steps to homeschooling…  it IS in the room that I plan on re-discovering today.
As I mentioned before, Sam has already started school again.  I was going to let this week end first, but NOOOO she just had to get going.  Good thing I had a new game plan, and finished putting it together over the weekend.
I was running into a bit of a problem.  She’s done almost all of the Kindergarten stuff.  I realized that a lot of her work was first grade level. So, I went to Learning Page and downloaded the first grade “Ocean’s Unit”.  (Print, Print, Print)  Then I took all her workbooks (two math books and two reading/spelling books) and tore the pages out.  I figured, in my head, that we had done 1/2 the year, and since public school is 180 days, that means we have 90 days left.  So I split the workbooks sheets into 90 days.  It was tricky, but I did the best I could.  We ended up with 33 days worth of work, yep thats it.  So we’ll do them twice a week.  The oceans study is only 10 lessons long… so we’ll do that twice a week through January.  And if I throw in one of the five senses each week then we have five days of school a week, and I’m “planned” through the end of January.   The last Friday we’ll pull all our sheets together and make a few lapbooks out of our work.  Phew… then what…
I was flipping through my “What every….should know” book and found a few topics that we “know” but could use a good lesson in, like magnets… that could be fun…  or making a weather vane…  so I might could fill up some of February.  Then what?
What are you supposed to do when you run out of stuff to do?  I know I can fill it up with reading and trips and such.
But do you just fill it with misc. stuff?  Do you move on to the next grade?   Do you find a cool long term project to do? Start Summer break early?
I know it won’t always be like this.  Something will come along to slow her down.   Maybe I’m missing something….

6 thoughts on “The new game plan is working…. this week..

  1. Heather says:

    My kids are all two to three grades ahead of their public schooled peers–as are most of the homeschoolers I know. It just happens because you are giving one child individual attention instead of trying to keep 30 children on task and fitting in all the “extras” that school board members etc. insist on. Think about this way–in one of my Classroom management classes we studied research done in behavior and classroom management. Several studies showed that if you have a classroom full of 30 kids and a typical 7.5 hour day you will only get about 1 half hour of actual learning taking place–the rest of the time is spent moving about, waiting on the slower students, discipline, recess and other such activities, reteaching old subjects, etc. So, since you are teaching your one child without the constant moving about and all maintenance issues you only need an hour or so of actual teaching time a day for your child to be AHEAD of his or her peers. You can also consider household chores, discipline, meals together, and general discussion all to be part of the school day. Thats what school districts do–and all those times are learning times, especially when you consider how much time a typical school now spends watching movies and having “parties”.
    If you are looking for more educational opportunities, read aloud, play educational games, watch educational movies (my kids LOVE NEST Entertainment and have learned TONS from them–also good are PBS shows like Colonial house and cooking shows.) Even handing the child a puzzle is a good educational opportunity-0–in fact if she can handle bigger puzzles we LOVE to work on Whitemountain puzzles together as they have all kinds of historical and geographical facts written on them–they are very fun to do and even our youngest who is your daughters age is very into them.

  2. taderdoodles says:

    Thanks Heather! Maybe we can spend the first week in February doing puzzles and making valentines… then get back into regular work. Spread it out a bit.
    We were going to get an actual “curriculum” for first grade… should I consider going ahead and getting it now? I don’t want her to be bored next year.

  3. Wendy says:

    If you can afford to get the curriculum now (that is our thing, the cost of two in a year ouch!), then go for it. Another option is to print off some first grade stuff and see how she does, or you can always pick something she loves and study it.
    We found that our daughter was ahead by a year and a half last year, but then this year she has taken to specific topics (Egypt, history, science experiments, etc), so I have no idea what “grade” she is in now.
    How exciting!

  4. taderdoodles says:

    Sammy decided to see if magnets would stick to a lightbulb last night and ended up melting the end of one of her sister’s Magnetix toys…
    Not sure what possessed her to do something so *hmmm* stupid? It’s not like she didn’t know it was HOT…
    Maybe we should take some time in February to do Magnet lessons… HA HA HA

  5. Wendy says:

    LOL! Sometimes they just have to try it, and experimenting is how so many great inventions came about. Ok, so I agree perhaps the plastic piece next to the light bulb was a bit, um, silly, but now she knows what will happen. You can bet she will share that story with friends. Hey, guess what, when you put plastic next to a hot light bulb it will melt! Yep, we have had that happen too!
    Magnets are fun! I cannot wait until my 5 yr old quits putting stuff in his mouth so we can get some of those magnetic toys.

  6. taderdoodles says:

    I went in their room last night and the bulb blew… so we replaced it.
    Jo saw it in the trash can and flipped out..
    “Why you put it in the trash can? Did Sammy break it?”
    HA, they are always throwing the other one under the bus!

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