Tutti Frutti!!

Today’s Small Thing has been done! as well as yesterday’s “Cleaning the Loo“! YEAH ME!

Here is my yummy fruit bowl!
feeling fruity

Sammy had an apple with breakfast, I ate part of one, and I’ll probably suck the guts out of one of those tangelo’s before too long 🙂

That makes 30 pts so far..all for today… YEAH!

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2 thoughts on “Tutti Frutti!!

  1. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Rachel Anne! Thanks so much for stopping by! My MIL bought that for me for Christmas. I had hosted a Home and Garden party and wanted one sooooo bad but spent my host freebies on Christmas presents instead. My MIL went to the party my best friend hosted and ordered it for me then. I was so tickled to open that box!!

    I have another three tiered metal server that’s holding clementines and bananas…we’re a bit fruity here!

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