You mean I have to get dressed?

I have been planning, for days now, a shopping trip for today. It’s payday, which means we get to restock on our food supply. Unfortunately it means I have to get dressed. Like, REALLY dressed. Not dressed up… just matching at least, and with shoes. It also means I’ll have to get my children dressed. Matching… which is more of the problem than anything. Convincing Sam that a ballerina skirt in 19 degree weather is NOT appropriate and trying to tell Jo that she cannot wear her lizard t shirt again today is a challenge. One I avoid. But we need food. Maybe I can bribe them with pizza.


In my attempts to “De-Brat” my children, I decided to try a very supernannyish thing and make up some rules for the grocery store, written out, and plan a little game. I have no doubt that strolling through the grocery store for hours while I compare the penny per square inch of toilet paper gets boring. I decided to take pictures of some of the things we needed from the store, and make up some bingo cards. I’ll let them take their bingo card, some mini clipboards (that I have left over from my days as a Tupperware Consultant), and a marker. As they find what is on the bingo board they can mark it off. Winner gets a treat… or something… I haven’t worked it out that far yet 🙂

Here’s what I made for them… for now anyway…

Then, my in laws called to ask if they could play with the girls tonight. They’ve offered to let me drop them off before I go to the store so I can shop in peace and with some speed. Mixed feelings… I mean YEAH I can shop alone! But, doggonit, couldn’t you have called before I cropped all these pictures?

Well, it’ll be ready for next time.


If any of you happen to follow me on twitter ( then you know that I tried a new trick this morning.

You see, I normally sit on my couch with my laptop. I see how messy my living room is and it inspires me to pick it up, because I get tired of staring off into the mess.

Well, here’s the problem. My living room, at the moment, is clean. So I have NO desire to get up and clean something else. Meanwhile, my kitchen is a nightmare.

So this morning I moved my laptop to the kitchen table. This alone took 15 minutes as I had to clear a spot for it and clear out a chair. Like magic, it only took about ten minutes before I had gotten up and started a load of dishes. The second load is currently running behind me. I must say the steady swoooshing of the dishwasher does seem to soften the loud screeches and squeals coming from down the hall… like nice white noise. Hmmm, I just might to stay in here a while. Besides, my preggo self likes being near the food 🙂


Well, I guess I need to finish my grocery list, and since I HAVE to get dressed today I probably should hop in the shower. I know I have 2 1/2 hours to go before I have to leave but I might just need every minute of it.

4 thoughts on “You mean I have to get dressed?

  1. familymclean says:

    What a fantastic idea!!!! I love it and am going to steal it (hope that is ok:-))
    I would be bummed too after going to all that work and actually getting excited about doing sumething that is otherwise not so fun.
    Hoep it works next time like a charm!
    And…Thank you so much for your comments, I really feel like we have so much in common. Kinda like a kindred heart or something, you are amazing!
    And so real!
    I sure know how rought it is to get a bath or shower in and sometimes go for a few days without, and pony tail the hair, yuck I know!

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Oh yeah! Steal away! If both my kids could read I would have just put down the words. I’m thinking of making one this morning for our car trip.

    Thanks for the sweet comments. One of the reason I love the internet is that if I look far enough I’ll find someone who understands that I’m not crazy, I’m just a mom trying her best to do what’s best for her family. I added your blog to my bloglines yesterday…I really enjoyed them.

  3. Nick & Lizzy says:

    I cannot believe you made that fancy bingo card for your kids for one shopping trip! I just bribe my kids with a treat at the end of the trip if they behave.

    I feel like the biggest underachiever mom right now…


  4. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Oh Marlee,

    I didn’t do this for one trip 🙂 I picked things that I normally have to get so I can use them over again. Even if we don’t have to buy it, if they find it in the store they can mark it off. Sammy loved the show National Bingo Night and it apparently has been canceled… she keeps asking about it, so I thought if I could give her a way to play bingo she might stop stealing the coupons from the little machines. I have some clear contact paper to cover them with so they can wipe off the marker when they are done.

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