What is it about having your Mom at your house?

Oh my goodness. I have no excuses anymore. NONE.

My mom doesn’t come out to my house very often, I usually take the girls to go see her. She has blessed me this week (and it is a blessing, I LOVE having my mom at my house). She drove in yesterday and is staying through until Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t get the house spotless, but I did get it all picked up. And after all the challenges to gut the junk and clear the clutter it really didn’t take that long and the whole house was pretty tidy.

My problem has always been keeping it that way all day. You know, once you fix breakfast and lunch and do some laundry and get the kids bathed and dressed it always seems to be a mess again.

Not yesterday. Yesterday it stayed clean all day. The kitchen was clean after supper. Sammy even cleaned her room before we went to bed (without prompting).

I’m sure some of you are thinking that my mom came in and helped keep things tidy, but that’s not what happened. I found myself picking up as I went. I washed up the food processor while dinner was cooking, and filled dishwasher during the Bruno vs. Carrie Ann commercials. We have a few snack things out from our late night chatting but honestly, I could have this place back to “clean” in five minutes.

I should have her around more often. Just her presence is motivating.

Thanks mom for coming to visit 🙂 I appreciate it and my house appreciates it!

2 thoughts on “What is it about having your Mom at your house?

  1. Sniz says:

    Yeah, I look forward to important events/visitors because I know my house will be clean, come h*** or high water! There’s nothing like that motivation!

  2. ~Billie~ says:

    How great that your moms presence gave you the motivation to keep your house clean! Hopefully that motivation will stick around long after she’s gone! Uhg… Now I’m reminded of all the ‘cleaning’ I have to get done. 🙂

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