13 little things that will brighten someone's day (Thursday Thirteen 3rd edition)

Thirteen Things you can do to brighten someone’s day!

1. Leave a note somewhere telling them that you APPRECIATE them.
2. Bring them a cup of hot cocoa.
3. Do one of their “chores” (like feed their pet, take out trash, or at work- refill the printer/copier with paper for them)
4. Call them just to say “Hey, I was thinking about you”
5. Offer to play their favorite game.
6. Hubbies- go fill your wife’s car up with gas… or just pump it for them.
7. Email them a picture of you doing something silly.
8. Let them cut in front of you (in line at the store or in traffic)
9. The next time you make cookies or brownies (even from a box) take a few to a neighbor.
10. Pick up some donuts to share with the group.
11. Share with them your favorite Scripture.
12. Ask them! Just ask, what can I do for YOU today?
13. Smile… just smile… they are contagious!

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5 thoughts on “13 little things that will brighten someone's day (Thursday Thirteen 3rd edition)

  1. Lazy Daisy says:

    Awwww…what a nice list. I’m blessed that my Mr. Wonderful always fills up the car with gas. He calls it the gas fairies. I’m so spoiled that I almost run out of gas when he is out of town.

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