Just a swinging…!

I guess it’s about time I got back in the swing of things around here!

Hubby was a champ and a hero all weekend. I’ve been laid out sick as a dog and never has he been so kind and helpful as he was this weekend. He didn’t clean a thing, and I did end up taking out the trash; however, he was practically at my beck and call. All I had to do was think “freezee pop” and there was one in my hand. He watched movies with me, made me tea, fetched me crackers and made sure everyone was fed. I think I even got a foot rub Friday night!

He even told some of his friends that I was feeling sick and he needed to stay home and help take care of me! (In eleven years that has only happened once!)

For the most part it’s just morning all day sickness and that general tired feeling from the first trimester. Two days of crying and panicking over trying to find a doctor and a hospital simple made the symptoms worse. There are a lot of people around me that give me that “what were you thinking getting pregnant without insurance” look and I’m sick of it. I’m not without anything, it’s just not standard insurance. For the record (for those giving me that look), even if I had kept our insurance this pregnancy would not have been covered, we were still in the waiting period. So I feel I have no one here to talk to, or to go to for help. Everyone is like “oh well, that’s just how it is” and “you should have gotten insurance first”. I’m not the only person in America without insurance, stop treating me like I am.

Any who… After three days with my mom visiting and then a few days of stress and nausea I have not done Jack Diddly in a week. Today, I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. I’m not going to have any energy if I just lay on the couch and wallow in it. I’ve already started a load of laundry and halfway emptied the dishwasher. WooHoo!!

I have a few big things I need to get done today. I think I’m going to start on a few little ones first because feeling like I’ve accomplished something always leads to bigger things being done. So I’m off to find crackers, peel some potatoes for supper, and gather all the dirty laundry.

Hopefully I can post again this afternoon with a great list of things that finally got done around here!

Thanks to everyone for their emails and comments of support. *Big Hugs to all*

One thought on “Just a swinging…!

  1. familymclean says:

    Awww, well I am glad you are feeling better, your husband is grade A!
    Too bad about the insurance, now I feel bad for complaining so much when it is all free here, no matter what! I cannot imagine having to pay to have a baby! Just come stay here to give birth, I had a friend from Miniapolise do that, OK, I know that is not realistic. I just feel for ya!

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