Need a little recipe help… ACK!!

So… who else saw the lady on Good Morning America this morning that says I can feed my family on $60/week? Maybe I’m just a terrible slacker…but there are four of us and I can NOT do that. Mainly because I have two terribly picky eaters and hubby can only eat chicken but so many nights in a row.

I know that I can do better though… I just need some inspiration. So I’m challenging my buddies out there to help me out!

Here’s some of the hurdles…

Samantha won’t eat bread… of any kind (but the rest of us will 🙂 )
she also won’t eat rice or potatoes but she’s a spaghetti nut!!

Neither of the girls eat beef, of any kind… or pork, except the occasional bacon piece.

Hubby will eat most anything but prefers if it’s not all mixed up. He’ll eat stew or soup… but casseroles? hmm… as long as I don’t make them too often.

I don’t do beans… I like green beans, butterbeans and peas…but no pinto, navy, white, black, black eyed, yuk noway ain’t gonna happen… (okay, somewhere someone got me to eat baked beans… but I can’t eat a lot at a time and I start to remember they are beans)

Hubby’s the only one that will eat fish….

Have I made this hard enough yet? Ok, show me what you’ve got! I know I’m not the only Mom with crazy picky eaters…. and I’m SO very tired of cooking 1 1/2 meals every night.

(I’m also posting this in the Mommy Auctions forum! Stop on by and see if anyone left some great suggestions there!

4 thoughts on “Need a little recipe help… ACK!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can offer you lots of ideas, but they all involve you either laying down the law to someone (never worked in my house) or cooking more than one meal. Here’s what I do. I will bake 2 chickens. Yummy chicken dinner on the first night. On the second night, I would make pork chops for you and dh, and feed the kids leftover chicken. A nice noodle dish would make a good side. The next night would be breakfast for dinner. Easy and everyone loves it. The next night, maybe a chicken ceaser salad. Then, spaghetti and maybe turkey burgers the next night.

    FYI, my ds loves my burgers, but eats them like salsbury (sp?) steak, i.e. fork and knife…no bun.

    I hope this helps.


  2. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Ok girl…. I stopped by to check up on you and you led me down some paths to some great blogs… don’t ask me how got there.




    OH MY! What a path…. I am tired now! check out my new posts
    My Blog!

    Let me hear from you some time!
    Cup of coffee anyone?

  3. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    Thanks everybody!

    I think I spent three days pouring through recipes and cookbooks, online and from my kitchen…. I tried a few new things and well, then we started doing soccer and we’re back to the quick and dirty meals from before. I did manage to make two gigantic smoked turkey pot pies… one is in my freezer for later!

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