Yes, she IS in the first grade…

Stop confusing her already…. UGH…
I know, she WOULD only be in Kindergarten if we had left her in Public School.  What can I say…  she moved fast, blew me away, and got BORED… so we moved into some tougher stuff.   So when the sentence says “I am in the _______   grade.”  and she’s supposed to fill it in with the spelling word “first” it’s okay…  she can say she’s in the first grade…
That was one of the more recently wonderful discussion I had with my father-in-law.  It was followed a week later by one entitled “she should have at least 15 minutes of ‘ring the bell’ structured school time everyday… to get used to routine… because that’s how life is”….  ummm…  no it’s not.
I went to four years of college, to get out, get a job, get a desk, write out my to do lists and job duties only to NEVER GET TO DO THEM on schedule because the world isn’t routine!  Someone would schedule a meeting, remember a deadline they forgot about, throw a luncheon for a retiring employee, etc.    I haven’t seen routine… well,  EVER!    And in case he missed it,  she’s already doing next years stuff,  I’m pretty sure she isn’t getting behind.
Anyhooo….   I found something cool today that I thought I would share.  Hubby and I are blockbuster online members because, well, we can’t afford Dish 🙂   and while clicking through the lists of titles I realized I could rent National Geographic Documentaries and all sorts of educational stuff like that.  I am sooo excited!
I hope all of my online buddies are having great years!  Sorry I haven’t been around.  Baby “Bubba” is keeping me tired a lot…   and it’s pretty tough to sit at the computer…  man oh man how I miss my laptop!
Happy Homeschooling!  Thanks for letting me vent a bit!
Momma TD

One thought on “Yes, she IS in the first grade…

  1. Heather Young says:

    I have so been there–not with family but with Sunday school teachers. It is so confusing for them to have kids who have a different point of view. 🙂 Now my kids aren’t there anymore and there is no more worry. And really–when a kid is ahead in one subject or another and going their own pace in others what grade do you say? I mean, my oldest two are reading at an 8th through 10th grade reading level, depending on the subject matter. One is 8 the other 10–I just give them an idea what grade level they would be and they can answer as they see fit. My son on the other hand would, like your daughter, be in kindergarten this year, and is happily at 1st grade level–he says he is 1st grade. It is hard for “school” focused people to understand that home study is different.
    And the whole routine thing, that is just silly.
    Hope you are doing well. Glad you stopped in to chat. 🙂

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