Boy or Girl?

Ok, this is becoming way too much fun for hubby and I! Since we are using a midwife and doing a home birth this go around, we will not be getting an ultrasound which means the gender of our baby will be a surprise. This small thing is driving our families bonkers! The debates and conversations are getting crazy….

I thought I’d invite some of my online friends to share some of their wives tales and/or predictions…. so please feel free to jump in!

Let’s see…

We have two girls already. Hubby is an only child. I have two brothers from my mom, and two sisters from my dad (I was their only child together). My mom is one of three sisters, my dad has tons of siblings.

I crave beef, and onions, and salt.

I have started dreaming about a TV character, in a mildly romantic way, and it’s a character I would not have normally been attracted to.

I am emotional, but then I get very angry rather than feeling hurt.

Yes, my chest is bigger.

I’m five months along (21 weeks) with little swelling.

I haven’t gained as much weight as I did with the first two (so far 🙂 ).

I have become crazy about watching Nascar…

I cannot come up with a girl name to save my life…. I’ve tried, honest I have.

According to an Amish belief, I only have a bump on one foot so it’s a girl.

I only have heartburn with crackers and milk.

I was terribly nauseous until week 13… then it just disappeared.

My face isn’t puffy yet.

My hair is growing pretty steadily, but my finger nails are more brittle…they had gotten pretty tough after having my second child.


Feel free to ask me questions!

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6 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Are you carrying the baby high or low?…. That is how I predict… so far I am batting 100% with 3 children of my own, 8 nieces and nephews and 2 grandchildren!

  2. Momma TaderDoodles says:

    I’m going to have to say LOW on this one… “Bubba” (as the baby is affectionately called) is pushing on my pelvic bones and somehow causing them to overlap my tailbone. I’d call that low…

  3. Razor Family Farms says:

    A boy! Wow! I can’t wait to find out if Christina was right about that. One of my blogging buddies, Valarie Lea, can tell with a needle and thread. I’ll let her tell you how.


  4. Neptunebaby says:

    Well, the cravings and the low part sound like a boy, but my chest only got bigger when I was pregnant with a girl. Can’t wait to find out!

    And I just noticed that you haven’t blogged in weeks. Where are you? Is everything OK?

  5. Lisa says:

    I’m here, just too preggo to sit at the desktop and type… I’m on an old laptop now and might get to play online a little more often!

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