Fostering her creativity, with junk around the house :)

Our eldest daughter has started to exhibit an amazing desire, and talent, for drawing.  After watching a DVD bonus track on “How to Draw…” something from her Veggie Tales movie, she has gone around drawing the characters from the movie with surprising accuracy.  Ok, so she’s not Picaso or DaVinci, but she’s 6 years old and neither of us can draw worth a hookey.  I’m crafty, just don’t ask me to draw a straight line (without a ruler).
I’ve been totally slacking lately, and can only partially blame it on being six months pregnant.  So today, feeling guilty, I tried to throw together some special time with her while her sister napped.  In keeping with our new efforts to reuse things, I sent her on a hunt for some simple supplies:  a brown paper grocery bag, my pack of notebook paper, my scissors, and my stapler.
I cut the bottom off the bag, at the crease, and tossed the bottom aside (I’ll use it for something 🙂  ).  This left me with a “ring” of brown paper bag.  I cut about an inch off what was the top of the bag, just to clean it up a bit.  Next, I cut the sides along the middle crease.  This allowed for flap pockets to eventually be made for her to store stuff.   The paper bag pieces became the front and back cover.  I stuffed it with roughly 25 sheets of notebook paper and stapled the left edge.
We spent a good hour drawing pictures in it, naming smiley faces, and learning how to spell new words.  She was so excited to have a notebook especially made for doodling and dreaming.   Maybe tomorrow we can take out markers and stamp pads and decorate the covers!

2 thoughts on “Fostering her creativity, with junk around the house :)

  1. Heather Young says:

    That is so cool and fun. If she is really interested in drawing I am doing a child friendly drawing class each Thursday on my art blog starting this Thursday (even my 6 year old is getting into it so she may be interested.:)) (

  2. taderdoodles says:

    Oh! I’m going to check it out now!
    I thought I had a book or something around here somewhere but the only art book I had was on oil painting which is not only way over her head but way too messy for me to let her play right now. 🙂 Yeah, I’m a chicken!

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