Left to her own devices?

I think I’m going to lose my mind. I know it’s because I’m pregnant and tired and feeling a little overwhelmed these days but COME ON! Does she HAVE to ramble on non stop all day asking me the same questions over and over and over and over and over again?

Alright, maybe it’s not THAT bad. But it’s getting rough some days, and raining days (like today is going to be) are especially hard. So here’s my question to all my wonderful more experienced moms out there….

When is your child “old enough” to have access to craft supplies, older toys, and mess makers, without having to come to you first or have your supervision?

Doodlebug is 6 1/2 years old. I have no doubt that she would craft all day long if I let her. I don’t have time to sit all day long and drape newspaper and refill paint cups and find scissors and help cut shapes. She’s getting to the point where she likes to sit under a tree in the yard and doodle in her notebook, but I don’t let her run around with a pack of markers or even crayons. They stay out of reach because for whatever reason she finds a way to “accidentally” write her name on everything.

I’m just needed a little idea of how old she should be ready to do “older” things. When should she be able to really entertain herself for a bit, without forcing me to be mostly involved.

***Yeah, I know, give it 10 years and I’ll be begging to be “somewhat” included…. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Left to her own devices?

  1. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Wow! You come up with some hard ones! Every child is different. Give here little steps. Like a mini craft basket that she can use on her own and a space that is her responsibility. When she proves herself responible add more. Part of the responsibility is keeping her things up from smaller messers. We always had a kids picnic table (the plastic kind) They are easy to hose down. You can keep it on the porch or in the backyard. The key is little by little. They get overwhelmed if they make too big a mess. Let her help decide what goes in her basket. Good Luck

  2. Lisa says:

    Man, she can’t be responsible for much… well, actually, she’s gotten better about helping me do things, but cleaning her room is still a terrible battle. I’ve stripped most of her “toys” away so now it’s just covered in clothes and shoes… drives me nuts.

    I guess I still keep stuff packed up and out of their reach because of TaderBug… she’s only three and can make a huge mess in less than 8 seconds!

    I do have a set of plastic drawers that I used to keep her craft stuff in. I could pull them out again and maybe give her a few things to keep in her room. I have a spare little trash can I can give her for paper scraps.

    Hmmm… something to think about…

  3. marye~ says:

    You might want to sit down with her and guide her in making up the rules for how to/when to use the craft supplies. I like tocco’s idea a a mini craft basket. If she has some investment into the rules and consequences then she should be able to follow those rules.

  4. Lisa says:

    Sorry I’ve been gone everyone! I’ll post more about that later…

    on the “craft” topic… I let them paint in the back yard on a box and they ended up handpainting EVERYTHING IN THE YARD… Hubby thought it was hysterical.. I did not find it so funny.

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