Just decide…. to have a better day…

It’s early. Six A.M. I’ve been up for a bit now, and I’ve already copped an attitude twice. (could be a bit of sleep deprivation) I feel bad about it. I mean, I woke up to check the weather for my sweetheart while he fixed his lunch. We’re always watching for day when he can commute on the motorcycle rather than take the car. Waking up was, in fact, my idea. Actually, I was already awake, but getting out of the bed rather than rolling over and hiding under the covers- that was my idea. My first poke with the bad attitude stick arrived when I realized he wasn’t going to fix me a cup of coffee. I’m aware that it is silly and not worth the bad feelings. It really isn’t about the coffee, it’s about an underlying feeling if being under appreciated (which, at my house, is silly too).

It was when I went into the kitchen to fix my own cup that I really started to stomp my feet. I made two remarks last night about needing him to take the trash out because I have a hard time lifting it out of the can. I normally don’ t mind taking care of the trash. Hubby has a crazy daily commute, that I used to drive, and I don’t have an issue with handling these even though most families consider this a “dad” job. Unfortunately, at six months pregnant, and quite fluffy, coordinating a garbage bag and lifting it out of our kitchen can, taking it outside, and lifting it into the outside can, it just a bit much for me. I CAN do it, and I will have to again today, but would it have been so hard to just….

I have to stop. I have to end the thought right there. He was just sidetracked, running a few minutes behind, and he forgot. Although I am always fascinated at a man’s ability to balance old coffee grounds on TOP of the PILE of trash in the can all the while never noticing that there is a PILE of trash on the TOP of the can resembling a trash ice cream cone!

I need to just decide to have a better day than yesterday. Make a decision to not let the little things get to me, since they aren’t really important. Besides, little “bubba” needs momma to stay relaxed, and so do my bigger girls. I was a terrible cranky pants yesterday. Maybe I’ll start by reading a Bible passage. That always makes me feel better. Then I’ll make a list of the things I did accomplish yesterday (since I’m frustrated that I didn’t get anything done, even though I did). I’ll finish off my quiet time by making a list of things to complete today (including something special with my girls).

What do you do to keep your day started off on the right foot? Got any tips for keeping a tired bad attitude out of your voice?

***On a side note, part of the reason I haven’t been around is that my laptop died… really died… and sitting at the big desktop computer just hurts too badly to be there for very long. Over the weekend, we purchased hubby a new laptop for his birthday, and he graciously handed down his OLD IBM. It’s not much, but at least I can sit comfy and be online again. I’m hoping to be around a bit more…. I’ve missed everyone. Thanks to all of those who hung in and kept reading!***

4 thoughts on “Just decide…. to have a better day…

  1. Razor Family Farms says:

    Well, I’m sorry about the morning yuckies. I don’t have these now that the sun is shining but I do have a pretty set routine: wake, brush teeth, fix breakfast for everyone (animals, too), and then sit on the front porch and drink some hot tea or cocoa. I need that quiet time. It’s vital to my positive attitude.

    Perhaps you need that, too!


  2. TheCoffeeLady says:

    ((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Please forgive me….. I knew you weren’t really MIA …. just prego! I understand that…. I aways love to read your posts!!! I miss you the long time between…. You are on my blog roll , so I know when you say something…. or occasionally I see you post at another blog…. Christina

  3. Lisa says:

    Lacy, I have no idea how you have that kind of energy that early every day! 🙂 I might get that way once in a while…. I usually hit my wind about 9 am and again about 11 pm… if I’m still up.

    Christina! I’m loving your new posts! I see you have a new job! Does that mean you don’t do coffee anymore? *pout*

  4. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Darlin’ I will NEVER give up C”O”F”F”E”E!!!!! LOL…. just have to have a job to pay the bills ya know! I do like the new job…. it is better to sell cell phones than sofas!
    Hope you are doing well! Miss ya

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