Pregnancy Pet Peeve….

Well, I’m huge now… I have people asking if I’m sure there is only one in there… and for the record… Yeah, my midwife is pretty sure there is only one baby in there.

As can be expected, all this extra weight is making trips to the potty more frequent. Which is where my newest pet peeve comes into play. My daughter has acquired a new habit of closing the lid to the toilet. I understand that this is a clean habit to have, and it makes the bathroom look tidy; however, lifting that lid takes additional time that I don’t have anymore. Not only that, but when I went to bed last night the lid was up, but when I awoke at 3 am it was down. In the dark I almost sat on a fuzzy padded lid without looking first!

I’m not sure how to explain to my family that there can be nothing between me and that bathroom at any time! I need a straight shot, free and clear of obstacles. 🙂

It might be easier to just order me some jumbo sized gdiapers! LOL

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pet Peeve….

  1. TheCoffeeLady says:

    My poor friend! LOL…Those day are getting shorter! It won’t last forever! I promise…. If you get a minute ~ stop on by and check out my Bloggiversary Contest!

  2. Lisa says:

    Neptunebaby- you are too funny! but you’re right! My daughters have started volunteering to get me things because they know if I get up to get it I’m going to have to go to the bathroom first!

    m~ – My bugs are loving the widget too! It’s on my homepage and they wake up every morning asking to see what “Bubba” looks like today!

    tocco- Only 62 days! I have to get all three of us ready to visit the midwife today, but will be by this afternoon to check out that contest!

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