The Elephant in my Bed…

With only 30 left until my due date, I thought I probably should post something before things got really crazy!

We’ve been running around like crazy, trying to finish up vacations and birthdays, get the girls rooms painted, joining the YMCA (so I can swim and float my belly), and sorting through the junk to make room for baby.

I only made it 1/2 way through Jolene’s room yesterday. The filtering through the toys and taking out the “too small” clothes wears me out. When bed time rolled around her bed was covered with ‘stuff’; so we let them sleep with us. That’s where the elephant comes in. I had no idea that she had brought her plastic elephant to bed with us until around 2 am when I took a tusk to my very sensitive belly button! At least it didn’t wake me up. I’d have to be asleep for something to actually wake me up and lately I can’t sleep at night for anything! I was working on the baby’s room at 3:30 am the other night.

We’re all doing well though, and counting down the days….

I will try and post again soon! and TOCCO~~ I promise I’m going to follow the tag!

I have one small window of a chance at getting my Tader Bug to take a nap for me and I’m going to go jump through it!

Love you all that keep stopping by!

One thought on “The Elephant in my Bed…

  1. TheCoffeeLady says:

    Omy gosh…. she lives… she breaths…. it is so good to see a post from you!!!! I am so glad my prego years are way way WAY behind me!~!!! Take care sweetie… I think of you often! Christina

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