I have lost my mind!

I must be nesting. Under any other circumstances a 2nd degree sprained ankle would have easily put me on the couch for days. HOWEVER, I can’t seem to stop for anything! If I’m not cleaning, or organizing, or throwing out, then I’m cooking! Forget the pain, I’m sending hubby to wally world for an ankle brace and I’m back in business.

Saturday I went to town with my birthday money and purchased a FoodSaver vacuum sealer! Ok, not the most glamorous present, but it’s what I wanted. Over the weekend, I played with it a little bit. Hubby even had fun sealing up his chicken wraps for lunch today.

This morning, I sealed:

quilting squares,

then…. because standing up at the stove is the best thing to do when your hurt…

I cooked a HUGE pot of rice, mashed red potatoes, roasted chicken, and roasted herb potatoes. I packaged them all into bags and sealed them for later. With a little luck I’ll get to eat more than frozen pizza the first few weeks that the baby is here. I would have made up some cookie dough to freeze and my biscuit dough but my ankle got pretty swollen and I had to lay down. The cool thing is, I roasted eight chicken breasts, relatively plain, just some no salt seasons and olive oil. Then I put three in the fridge for tonight, and the rest I split up into two bags. One bag got filled with BBQ sauce and the other bag got a dose of Balsamic Vinegrette salad dressing (a preggo favorite for some reason). Now when hubby heats it up it will be flavored, just a bit.

Now, if I could just stop adding things to my to do list faster than I scratch them off!

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