Back to School 2008!

Welcome First Grade!  Welcome Preschool!  And within the next few weeks we’ll begin our real life Child Development class as we welcome our newest addition!
We started school officially this past Monday and it went great!  DoodleBug is very excited about her new curriculum.  Even TaderBug is getting into the swing of school even if it is mainly coloring and providing endless distraction for Doodles.  We chose Christian Light Education curriculum for her this year because it was clear cut, easy to follow, promotes independent working, and….  dum dum dum dum….  it’s pretty inexpensive.   It’s not free, but it is way cheaper than the cost of public school.
The amazing part is that for now we can get the basics done in less than two or three hours!  We’ve decided not to schedule a lot of extra activities until after the new year (in order to give us time to adjust to the baby).  I’m hoping that I can count on the baby sleeping at least two hours during the day!  🙂
I also revisited a few of my favorite websites, bookmarked them, and prepared for those days when momma just wasn’t feeling up for school.
our always favorite
and when I need to print extra stuff for Tader’s,  I love my subscription to Enchanted Learning (of course, most of their stuff is free, just easier to print as a member)
I was just totally interrupted in the middle of my post!  UGH…  completely lost my train of thought.  The girls went to the in-law’s house for a bit and my Father in Law just brought them home.  I wasn’t feeling well this morning so we didn’t get around to doing book work until late (totally her idea, not mine at all).  She came in and wanted to finish her Bible lesson and her Learning to Read lesson (with my FIL here of course!).  We finished and now she wants to do more math….  so off we go!

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