Adventures with "Bubba Avagirl"

Sounds like a superhero huh? BUBBA AVAGIRL!!!!

Poor Abigail is never going to outlive this new nickname. Her big sister just cannot let go of the idea that she wanted Abby to be a boy. She spent eight months calling the baby “Bubba” and she wasn’t about to stop now. Avagirl is just Tader’s attempt at saying Abigail… cute huh?

They told me not to get so excited about how calm Abby was, because it would not last long. They were wrong. While she doesn’t sleep ALL day, she is very very laid back. The only thing she seems to really dislike is her car seat and that is because she can’t see me where she sits.

Her favorite thing to do? Take a bath! Especially with her Duck Towel! My mom bought me this towel just because it was a duck and my theme for this baby was rubber duckies. It has to be the coolest new baby thing I’ve seen in a long time! Bubba Avagirl loves it! It’s not a lightweight towel either. The layers of cloth get weighed down when it’s wet, helping it to stay put on baby’s tummy. (they also make it in a frog shape)

Getting back into the swing of things is tough. As you can tell, my writing skills haven’t quite come back yet and my postpartum brain keeps jumping from one thought to another. In my defense, we have a lot going on. Hubby moved from independent contractor to full time employee this week (YEAH BENEFITS!). This meant he spent all week in orientation nearly unreachable! I’m used to be able to call him when I needed him. This week I had to wait until 5 o’clock and by then I had forgotten what I even wanted him for. It also meant I spent endless hours filling out pages of repetitive paperwork because for whatever reason my hubby is incapable of filling out a form with his name, address, and phone number.

We’re still trying to catch up on schoolwork and while the house isn’t a total mess it does take a bit of effort to keep it balanced on the edge of chaos!

I think today we’re going to try and have a little fun though! The laundry is caught up, the dishwasher will run after breakfast, the beds are made, and the toys are picked up. I think today we’ll sew! I need to make my ring sling (Thank you Jan Andrea!), make some more nursing pads, make some simple diaper covers and maybe fuse some plastic (thanks Etsy Labs!). Our two older girls will be going to their grandparent’s house tonight, so if I get really motivated I might try to make them their pillows and mini ring slings which will be presents for their birthdays. I think I could spend the whole day making baby things! I almost forgot I was going to make bibs too! I’ll post pictures if they actually get made.


Can I just take a moment to say how much I LOVE my Food Saver that hubby bought me for my birthday (yeah, way back in July… I’m behind on my posting). During early August I made pots and pots of taters and rice and chicken. I sealed them into the bags and froze them. They have been a life saver since Abby was born! I even roasted red taters and they came out sooo good! I’m hoping to use it to package and freeze some baby food too. (any one have recipes for that?)

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my Shark steam cleaner that was given to me for Mother’s Day (yeah, most of my presents revolve around cleaning or cooking… sad huh?) Hubby purchased the big canister steamer for me and aside from it being a pain in the tushy to get more pocket steam pads I love the machine. It even impressed my mom, which is hard to do, and she went out and bought one for herself.


Just had a bizarre idea… really, just now and I was typing and watching The Bonnie Hunt Show… I wanted to fuse plastic bags together and find a good use for them. I think I’m going to fuse them and then use them to line my fridge shelves… Then when they get dirty or sticky and I can pull them out and either wipe them down or just toss them… without having to pull out my shelves. Hmmm…. wonder if that idea is as cool as it sounds right now.


I guess I should get up and go make some breakfast, get started on our day. Hugs to all the people who know what it’s like to have “put on deodorant” and “brush your teeth” written down on your to do list so you don’t forget!

Have a great and blessed day!

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