It'll happen….

Sometimes I need to be reminded to take a deep breath and let things just happen.   If it’s important, if it’s necessary, if it’s what God needs to have happen then it WILL happen.  This goes for big things and little things: even school work.   I was pretty relaxed about getting behind during the weeks surrounding Abigail’s birth; but I was NOT relaxed when one week behind became two weeks behind and Samantha’s frustration began to mount.  Add to all that, I started having in-laws and such ask me “how’s school going?” on a daily basis.  (Ever have that feeling that there are some people in the world just looking to see you fail at something, because it makes them feel better about themselves?)
Who said we had to be caught up in a week?  NO ONE!   And even if we’re not all caught up by the time MY “end of the first six weeks” is here we’ll be fine.  Sam has actually done her Bible studies through next week, and is up to date with Science and Social Studies.  It’s Math and Learning to Read that she needs to catch up.  I can’t fault her for not wanting to do but so many lessons in a day.  She learned this stuff last year and after an hour of reviewing it you get pretty bored.  If I’m patient though, and I “feel” her out, I get a day like yesterday when she does 4 lessons in one day.
I’m counting my blessings instead of the number of items scratched off our “to do” lists and lesson plans.  My daughters LOVE to read and be read to, they love to sing, and move and dance.   Their imaginations are boundless.  They are eager to learn and absorb everything around them: at their own pace.
I’m wanting to make a special box that has “things to do while Mommy takes care of Abby” stuff in it.  Workbooks they can do by themselves, games they can play etc.  My two challenges are that Jolene still isn’t very good at remembering that crayons/markers/pens are for paper not my walls, and the last time we let Sam near a pair of school scissors unsupervised we ended up at the beauty salon.   Anyone have any suggestions on what I could put in my box?    We already have educational sites they can play on such as and (really cool movie making here!)
Ohhh!  I also could really use some indoor high energy activities for the girls… any suggestions?  It’s going to start getting cooler and rainy here and my girls need to burn off some excess energy.  I can’t go swimming at the YMCA with them yet and they aren’t big enough to go without me, so I’m at a loss for how to help them work of some of this energy.  I wish I could bottle it, I’d make a fortune!
Big hugs to everyone who has hung in here with me during this busy and stressful time (yeah, I’m referring to the whole pregnancy!)  We’re slowing getting it together over here and I hope to be back in force soon!

3 thoughts on “It'll happen….

  1. Heather Young says:

    Keep in mind that even when you aren’t checking things off the list they ARE learning–it is impossible for them not to be. And when grandparents ask you point out all the things they learned whether it is character development, helping with the laundry, whatever, even playing alone or watching a movie they are learning.

  2. Nanny says:

    I know these girls. The happen to be my grand-daughters. And their mom is correct. By the time mid Feb comes along the are full of themselves. So, after moving in to the family “home place” (old house on a farm) it dawned on me the perfect use for a set of stairs. So I have taught the girls how to slide down them on you r back, on your tummy, head first, feet first, on a pillow, with a sleeping bag and if you give each of them one marble they will watch it bounce down the stairs then they run down to the bottom, get their marble and it is back to the top again. I have watched as many as 3 episodes of Dr. Phil while they exercise going up and down my stairs. Guess you could call my staircase the “country style” stair master. Bring them to visit nanny mommy, I’ll keep ’em busy! Love you girls and hope to see you soon!

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