Mom! Did you say NO television?

Yeah, I did. Deal with it. Today is NO TV day at my house! So far it’s only 8:24 am and I’m the only one awake. (well, hubby is at work but the kids are all still asleep)

It was hard not turning on the news this morning. I’m not sure why it was hard. I don’t really watch it. I hardly watch the television at all anymore. It has just become a habit to have it constantly playing in the background.

The other day I walked into my daughters room and she was listening to a cd, playing a computer game, and had her tv on at the same time! What the heck is that?

So today we’re going to try for a “No TV Day”. Wish me us luck!

***I had to pick Thursday so hubby would go along with the plan…. heaven forbid we do “no tv” on a night with House or Bones coming on!**

2 thoughts on “Mom! Did you say NO television?

  1. Lisa says:

    Actually it went really well! I was going to post about it the next morning but had some issues with blogger…. then life set in and I totally forgot! HA HA… I’ll blame the baby…

    I actually had the harder time with no tv. I couldn’t tell what time it was all day! “The View” means it’s 11 am… and when it’s done I have to fix lunch… “Dr. Phil” means 4pm, when it’s done I have to fix dinner… I actually had to go back to looking at a clock! LOL

    Things were so calm, no yelling, no whining.

    As for our “game night”, well, Jolene decided she wanted to take a bath instead so Daddy and Sammy played checkers for an hour and I bathed the little ones. No games for mom. (I did, however, make hubby reconnect our Wii over the weekend so I could play again!)

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