Pouting a little…. because I know my internet friends will lie to me :)

I have totally turned my back on my “profession” (I went to college to be an accountant). I have sold makeup, plastic storage containers, and a slew of other things. I tried selling hand made crafts, and at home babysitting. But nothing has thrilled me more than my new adventure (other than taking care of hubby and the estrogen machines). Yet, I’m blue…. and pouty…

Why? Because no one I know – in person – gets it… they all ask me what the purpose of it is…. and I can’t give them a good answer because for them it serves no purpose…. I’ve started creating graphics, logos, banners, digital scrapbooking images and stuff like that. My mom won’t give up her paper scrapbooking, neither will my aunt. None of them sell on line or have a website. They have no use for them and therefor have a hard time showing any interest. They don’t know what other people’s graphics look like so of course they think I’m totally brilliant, even when I’m not.

Hubby tries to be supportive. He is pretty supportive. He bought me my software that I have been dreaming about for a year. He even asked me “when did you learn to draw”…. 🙂

I sell them on Mommy Auctions, my store name is Knee High to a Puddle Duck. And I have an account on flicker with some of them posted there.

So here is where I blatantly beg you to stroke my ego, tell me my hubby didn’t waste his money…. you don’t have to buy a thing. I just want some constructive criticism