I Dare you….

I dare you to say no to FREE. Really free…. I mean it!

Ok, well you’ll have to leave me a little comment here on the blog but that’s easier than filling out sweepstakes form and I can’t spam you for commenting. (I don’t know how to and wouldn’t do it even if I knew how to)

So what’s free? A Graphic. Banner Ad, Header, Auction Additive, Greeting Card, Custom Invitations or Announcements, etc. You comment and every comment is an entry. I’ll draw one name on the first of the month (from whomever commented the month before). I’ll go ahead and start now… not a lot of competition for December seeing as New Years Day is less than two weeks away.


I’ll post the name of the winner along with some questions (favorite colors, url, etc.). I want to make something you will like, but keep in mind this is a free graphic…. I don’t hire a babysitter to make graphics unless I’m getting paid to make them. My rates are reasonable though, so if you want something, just email me at memrband3 at gmail dot com.

I’ll confess though, this isn’t a totally selfless offer. I need motivation, and I need to build up my portfolio, not to mention my site traffic is down since I’ve been away so long and I miss everyone. I’m lonely… *sniffle*

So, Merry Christmas, comment away! I look forward to making something just for you soon!


edited: I’m updating this to say that comments on ANY of my blogs count:

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