Well, it ain't clean, but here they are anyway…

Here are the pics I said would be coming. I got most of the room picked up and then I took a nap with the two littlest bugs in my house!

Our crazy Christmas Tree… you can’t see the lights but they are on, color color everywhere! My mom made all these groovy beaded icicles and gave us a ton! I makes it all sparkly at night!

This is my special Angel! Hubby makes a big deal about putting it on the tree every year!
Our 4 year old was telling my mom about our tree the other day and mom asked if we had an angel on our tree or a bear. Tader laughed and said “both nanny, it’s an angel bear!” HA HA

These are my special glass shelves, newly decorated for the holidays! I LOVE my bears (can you tell?)

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Here are Mr. and Mrs. Everlove, my Christmas present this year from my main squeeze…… I’m gonna use it as our wedding picture (ours is terrible).

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