What do you mean it's not clean?

Yeah, I’m supposed to be cleaning the house.  I know.  I haven’t hardly done it in a week.  Just the basics to keep us from stepping on stuff or growing science projects.  Everyone is clean (my hair could use a wash) but there is stuff everywhere!   Can any of you blame me for sitting here blogging and reading and blogging and commenting?  I have MISSED this terribly!   Not to mention my new software that has me wanting to sit here and draw all day long.

My excuse for not doing laundry is that I haven’t mixed up my super detergent that I get from Virginia Soaps and Scents!  I personally know the family that makes this soap and it’s all awesome!  The detergent is great and inexpensive but you have to mix it, it’s not hard, I’m just being lazy.  I’d rather be making Christmas presents, but I can’t do that because the house is a mess..   hmmmm…  I guess I just need to do it huh?

Hubby starts his first vacation in almost two years-tonight!  YEAH!  A whole nine days with my baby!  

Ugh, back to topic!  I need to get moving.  Steam the floor, clean the toilet, make the beds, fold the laundry (that I washed last week) and fix some supper.  Maybe I’ll do that one dish ham bake-y thing I made a while back.  Nothing like throwing an assortment of food into a dish on 350 for an hour and seeing what comes out.

If I can get the living room picked up I’ll take a picture of our tree and my new Boyd’s Bears (hubby loves to cater to my girly side once in a while).

Here I go!  Hopefully I’ll be posting pictures by dinner time!

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Christmas Song

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