To the Walmart Shopper…..

To the Walmart Shopper who wears a size 3X top and XL bottom:

Thank you so much for reminding me that rushing through a shopping trip is a bad idea destined to cause much more grief than I would have suffered if I had taken my time.  I spent an hour searching that &*% forsaken store looking for Christmas jammies for my family.  They didn’t have to match, just all needed a Christmas theme.

Keep in mind that I am only 5’4″, pushing a cart with an infant carrier on top, making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to see anything or anyone infront of me.  Oh yeah…  let’s also not forget that it’s five days before Christmas and all the mommies are out looking for Christmas jammies, and all the dads are out finding last minute gifts for their wives, and ….  well, you get the idea.

Now, ma’am,  I want you to know that I braved that terrible place and was successful in finding our jammies and making it home unscathed and still in good spirits, UNTIL……..

I went to put on my cutie patootie jammies and had my pants fall down!

The extra large shirt on my TWO PIECE pj set fits wonderfully.  Just enough too big to make nursing easy.  But the size 3X bottoms are just too much.  I’ll admit they are comfy, but it took two diaper pins to hold them up.  I was instantly bummed and no longer wanted to dress the rest in their jammies to take a picture.  My party was officially pooped. 

Now, I feel your pain if you really do have a body shape that requires two sizes because I too have that problem.  My top is considerably smaller than my bottom….  CONSIDERABLY…  but if you feel the need to be sneaky and secretly swap the tops and bottoms to make yourself a custom set then please for the love of all that is good don’t put the leftover pieces on the same hanger….  better yet, just buy seperates.


Momma Taders

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