Squishy Butter Nuts

After a week of Christmas cheer and hyper kiddos I’m back, at least for today, to blog another day. We came through pretty successfully. No major family fights, no accidents, no hangovers (it helps when you just don’t drink anything), and only one case of food related tummy issues…. from broccoli believe it or not. We now have one lonely case of sniffles and sore throat and a living room full of recently washed and folded laundry just waiting to be put away.

Hubby and I each received mp3 players so I have been very preoccupied downloading new tunes and fantasizing about starting my own podcasts… (hmmmm… what to talk about…). The darling little- big girls got a variety of dress up clothes, play clothes, board games, and arts and crafts. This big momma got two waffle makers and an electric skillet. I think someone around here wants me to take breakfast a little more seriously! I also got a new area rug… which is helping to keep little piggies and little baby knees warm.

Bubba Avagirl got the best presents in my opinion. A few toys and some new outfits but most of her presents revolved around our favorite thing: FOOD! She received spoons, bottles for cereal, baby food, food mill, and chewy teething toys. Yesterday we had our first taste of some rice cereal with butternut squash, or as our sister called it “squishy butternuts”. I don’t think the baby liked it nearly as much as the cherry cheesecake I saw someone sneak her last Friday!

We left town on Christmas night and made it back home around 11pm on Saturday…. and boy oh boy were we tired! Hubby I unloaded the car and then sat in the living room floor trying not to cry. The mess was overwhelming. Everyone wanted to just lay about and watch movies and play games and take naps but this momma knew there was WORK WORK WORK to do. I felt like I was drowning in a pool of rotten eggnog. My knight noticed my dismay and called in the cavalry. His parents arrived to take the girls out to lunch and then back to their house to play for a few hours. Then hubby took me gently by the hand and asked “where should WE start”…. how romantic!

Keeping up our backwards philosophies we grabbed some trashbags and went to work in the girls bedrooms first. After all, how was I supposed to put the new stuff away if I couldn’t even see where the old stuff went? Doodlebugs princess room is beautiful now, and she has kept it very clean for days now. Taderbug is too busy playing in the princess room that she hasn’t messed hers up either. The completion of Doodle’s bedroom put me on a roll that resulted in the kitchen getting clean and about five loads of laundry done! WHOOOHOO!
We even had time to play dress up before bed time….
We’re going to wait until after New Year’s to put away the decorations. I’ve saved a few of my boxes (the waffle maker boxes are perfect!) to pack away ornaments. My last system was terrible and disorganized.

I’ve now been interrupted about ten times by the sniffling boogie monster and I’ve lost my train of thought. I actually had a point to this post, maybe it will come to me later….. ha ha ha

Happy New Year everyone! Hubby took today off to help me with the girls since Tader’s cold kept us up all night. It’s time for some chicken soup and a movie….