Taking it one thing at a time…

Imagine someone walks into your house and starts stuffing a giant trash bag full of your precious junk belongings. They march outside and toss the whole thing in a trash bin without any consideration for your feelings. Traumatic huh? Yeah, now I feel bad. That is what I do to my kids (behind their back) several times a year. Honestly though, how many happy meal toys does one kid need?!

I have a new plan, a new resolve for this new year…. no more traumatic garbage bag adventures in cleaning. We’re going to take it one little thing at a time. Starting today, I’m going to find ONE thing for each person to eliminate. Clothes, toys, gloves, holey socks, anything goes. I’m putting a box on top of the fridge and that is where things will be hidden until it’s time to send them away. Every day, or every other day, I’m going to snag another item. Maybe while I do laundry, or while I’m cleaning under the couch. With five of us, an item everyday would eliminate over 1500 unwanted pieces of junk from cluttering up the house!

If I were to take the time to take pictures then that could be 1500 items listed on my MommyAuctions store… or 1500 items re-gifted (**shock**)).

Could you use a little free space? Give it a try with me… what could “disappear” from your house today?

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