I love the dentist.  I say I hate the dentist but I don’t… how could I?  I’m in extreme pain (yeah, this is worse than childbirth) and the dentist is going to gas me up, shoot me up with Novocain, and make it all better….what’s not to love? 

However, the reason I’m in extreme pain is because I’m terrified of the dentist’s office.  The smells, the sounds…  dentist should start practicing aromatherapy!  The vibrations from the drilling and grating!  AAAGGHHH!!!   I’ve had insurance for almost six months now, and only NOW, when my tooth has officially fallen apart, have I called to make an appointment.  This is ridiculous and childish I know.  At least he can’t fuss at me for smoking this time (since I’ve haven’t had one in a year!  go me!). 

I’m still nursing my Abby girl so I can’t get all dooozied up before I go, so I’m going to have to just stay distracted between now and then, and do my best to show up, sit down, and keep breathing.  I know I’ll feel better once I’m done.

The appointment is not until Wednesday so I have some time to kill.  Oh, what will I do?  Hmmm…  let’s try taking down the Christmas tree…

Yep,  we don’t have all of our stuff down yet.  Technically the tree is down.  It is all the stuff that was ON the tree that is still sitting in gift boxes waiting for me to delicately wrap it back in it’s tissue paper and pack it away in the tubs.  So I guess once I’m done with this yummy blueberry bagel, I’ll sit on the floor and take care of that pile while I finish Good Morning America.

If the girls are still asleep when I’m done, then I’ll move onto laundry since that has taken on a life of it’s own and is growing fast!  It’s possible my mom will be coming into town to watch the girls for my appointment, and I’ll need to have things in some sort of decent order before her visit.

I’d like to fix something for dinner tomorrow night that will last for Wednesday night.  I can always fall back on spaghetti, but I’d like something a bit more creative…..hmmmm  any suggestions?

I do have a ham and potato casserole dish that is pretty good, but we’ve had that recently.  I also need to keep in mind that I might not be up for chewing, depending on what happens. 

If you can, leave your favorite “two nighter” dish ideas.  Remember that all comments this month get put in a drawing for our free graphic contest!  (Check out my store to see what I’ve made lately!)
I’m learning how to make swirlies with RealDrawPro and as I learn new techniques I add a wider variety of images.

Have a great day!

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