What's so hard about music?

Apparently I was wrong.. you do NOT have to know HOW to play the
instrument in order to have a music class about the instrument !

See, I took a different route today with class… instead of our curriculum’s books we did some other things from one of my ‘big book of
stuff they need to know’ and we did riddles and did math with popcorn
and then I stumbled upon the page on musical instruments and their

so we did a little percussion with Tader Bug’s cheesy $10 wanna be drum
set she got for her birthday, and shook some beans up in one of my
tiny canning jars to make fake maracas, and we talked about how mommy
and daddy’s guitars are from the string family and mommy’s violin is
too (neither of which can I play worth a hookie) and we tried to
understand how a piano is string BUT mommy’s is electric (yeah, i fell
into that one)

BUT then we got to the wind section and I figured the noise was done…
OH NO… DoodleBug remembered that Dad had bought a used clarinet at the
yard sale and we just HAD to take it out and see how it worked….
ummm.. yeah.. Mr. B played that when was like nine… I play piano…
sort of, not clarinet..

Well, we spent almost an hour making the oddest sounds come out of that
thing! We learned the difference between humming, singing, and blowing
air (since only the later will actually produce a pleasant sound out of
that thing)

All in all, to not really be able to play any instrument worth a dern
we managed to have a pretty fun and education day out of it all….

only one problem… DoodleBug wants castanets for her birthday….

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