A kitchen creation

Having ‘one of those days’, this is what came out of my kitchen (if you’re really slick you’ll get a recipe out of this post…  )

This is a cut and paste job from an email I sent my aunt the day after I made this dish. 

omgosh.. i made something awesome last night

do you have a wok? if not, fry pan will wok!! HA HA HA wok work!! ok sorry..

this is the order i added them to the pot… (this is how i cook!)

little olive oil…
olive oil smoked cuz too hot
add soy sauce…
almost cause water/oil explosion
add vege oil instead (yeah, just added it to the olive oil cuz i’m terarded)
one chopped onion sweet yellow
1/2 head cabbage cut in strips (sort of chopped up like but not real fine ya know)
add more soy

take carrot… take vege peeler… peel carrot into fry pan till nothing but stub.. toss stub out
brocolli florets
add some ground ginger
some garlic
some mixed up salt subtitue stuff that makes all things yummy
some brown sugar
some honey, ok quite a bit of honey
add sliced smoked sausage (yeah chicken would be the bomb too!!)
add turkeyaki sauce (yeah, that’s teriyaki)
add rice wine something something from fridge…
add water to make steamy stuff for veggies
stop and tell sam how cool it is that 6-0 is 6 0-6 is 6 and 0+6 is 6 yeah it’s awesome how math works that way ain’t it
add water, and maybe some soy or maybe it was turkeyaki… it all looks the same right?
taste… add brown sugar…
take precooked white rice out of freezer and put in microwave to defrost..
when microwave door bounces back open behind your back, entertain your kids by doing a kungfupanda kick to close it
offer kids hot dogs for dinner…
when microwave beeps.. the kids burp and the cabbage is no longer white… pile rice and wok stuff into bowl and enjoy!!

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