Tell me why….

  • why is it my seven year old daughter knows how to microwave her own bag of popcorn without burning it but she can’t pull the plug in the bathtub when she’s done?

  • why is it people seem to think it’s okay to buy young children glitter glue sticks for Christmas?
  • why is it my hubby can upgrade every piece of hardware in his PC from hand me down scraps and it all works, but I ORDER my stuff new and it messes up?

  • why do kids only acknowledge our existence when we’re on the phone, trying to go to the bathroom/shower, or trying to concentrate?
  • why is it my digital over the air signal works just fine ALL day EVERY day except when Bones or House is on?
  • If yellow and blue make green, then WHY  when the sun goes down do we see red, orange, yellow, and blue in the sky but no green?
  • add your why…….
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