Are you having a snow day?

Oh how wonderful snow days are, simply because we don’t have them!  What better day to hunker down with hot cocoa and a math book then the day that is frozen and yucky.  We typically have “freezing rain and ice days” here, not necessarily snow days and there is no reason for my kids to keep on trucking through their studies. 

There are so many opportunities to talk about weather, different states of matter (solid-ice, liquid-rain, gas-vapor), or even take in a music or art lesson.  I simply love the idea that we can work through a snow day and take a “Sunshine Day” off instead! 


We’re supposed to be done when?

We’re having a bit of difficulty getting back on target after the Christmas Break.  The wiggling and squirming from my “spirited” child is about to drive me bonkers.  I’m at a lost on how one can know that 2+2 = 4 one day and be totally confused on the concept of addition the very next morning.  I think I may have outsmarted her today though.  I’m sticking some cheesy dollar store addition flash cards in my apron pocket.  Want a drink? Whats the answer.  Want a snack? Whats the answer.  She’ll either learn addition or she’ll stop asking me so many questions!


A last ditch effort to get some math in when we’re having a bad day….

Two weeks ago I was suffering from a terribly painful abscessed tooth.  On one particularly trying day we took a more creative route with our lessons.  Tader Bug desperately needed a nap and since the baby was snoozing I thought it would be a great time for mom to nap as well.  That left Doodle Bug, once again behind in her lessons, to entertain and she was not going to leave us be without a fight.  I pulled out the dominoes and some construction paper and set my evil little plan into motion.

We stacked all the dominoes face down on one side of her.  She would pick up a domino, write the numbers down with a ‘plus’ sign and then add them up on her paper.  Then she could move the domino to the other side.  When she was done, she took another page and working the dominoes back to their starting place she repeated the process with subtraction instead.   

It all worked really good until she came running into the bedroom asking…

“Momma, how do you subtract 6 from 4?”

wow, I’m so not ready for negative numbers!

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