In case you were wondering…

…this is what we’re too busy doing…

First- we’re passing out “sugars”  (in case your not sure what that is… see picture)

Then we cook things like fudge and spend time eating with a spoon in each hand…

(don’t look too close at that picture…  you’ll see the nail polish my kids put on me flaking off… how tacky!)

Next,  we play peek a boo!

Wanna see what happens if someone says it’s time to stop playing?

We go from this:

to this:

off to go goof some more! 

(we did do school today…  even posted a new freebie)

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One thought on “In case you were wondering…

  1. Tink says:

    I am sitting here this morning recovering from some extensive dental work i had done yesterday. I checked your blog as I do every day and I must say “thanks so much for the laugh” I really needed it. I had to go find the hubby so he could get a morning chuckle too. I think it was the peek a boo that really got me. Its okay with us if you stay toobusytoclean. we enjoy the laughter. Hope you and yours have fun day today!!!

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