How to waste a day in one easy step…

I have been at a loss trying to figure out how I can spend all day at home, ALL DAY- no parks no walks no trips to the mailbox, and yet I seem to get nothing accomplished. I have searched my mind and googled the universe searching for help and finally I have the answer!

Thinkin’ (or for those of you NOT in the southern United States… that’s Thinking)

Thinkin’ causes me all of the grief in my life. Thinkin’ is what keeps me reactive instead of proactive, and being PROactive is the ONLY way a mom can keep her head above water these days.

Here’s my list of things I keep thinkin’ about:

  • laundry- it needs to be folded, but I can’t get into the girls rooms to put it away so we’ll just put it in the hamper until I clean their room and then I’ll fold it…
  • mealtime-I was thinkin’ chicken sounded good but hubs always has to eat chicken so I’ll wait till after lunch to see what ‘he’s feeling like’ and then I’ll fix supper…
  • bills- I keep thinkin’ I should call and negotiate a new rate, or fight that extra fee, or maybe sit down and balance my check book but it’s best to do that when all is quiet or when my files are filed, and after I’ve sorted the mail sooo…
  • cleaning- it would really be best to just redo this whole room since there is so much that needs to be done, and I think I need to go to the store and get a few more organizing tubs or maybe I can go in the kitchen and gather all the cereal boxes and craft some sort of organizer out of them. and then….

and my mind keeps going…

It’s not really the ACT of thinkin’ that slows me down, see I can think pretty fast. It’s the time reacting to all the things I’ve been thinkin’ on. Searching the 5 laundry hampers for Sammy’s matching sock because I never took the time to fold them, or searching the living room for JoJo’s favorite book because I thought about cleaning it but never did (because first I had to make those organizers remember?).

So here are my plans for tomorrow, see if I can stop thinking and start doing…. ’cause PROfessional moms are PROactive!

  • put everyone’s clothes away, even the baby’s…. when the drawer is full start putting the rest in a goodwill bag
  • if you wash it, dry it and fold it and put it away… don’t start a load of laundry after 4 pm… you won’t finish… by the time you move it to the dryer, feed everyone, put them all in the tub and get ready for bed you will forget about it…. just wait and start again in the morning.
  • plan dinner ahead (well, duh right?!) — tomorrow is baked chicken… now i have to stick to it!
  • sort the mail when you walk in the door! Why not..the trash can is right there. Most of our bills are online and sent via email (great timesaver btw!) so our mail is mostly junk.

Before I close though, I have to admit (I hope the Mr. doesn’t read this) that thinkin’ about getting off the phone is my biggest black hole for time management! I can think about ending a phone call for HOURS! LOL

One thought on “How to waste a day in one easy step…

  1. Tink says:

    i agreed with most of what you had to say and even chuckled a time or two. but it was the last statement that put me on the floor cracking up! You see, i spend way too much time thinking about getting off my phone too. My problem is I LOVE WHO I AM TALKING TO. have a great day and thanks for the laugh!

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