Like having the Principal observing your class…

Despite the not very reassuring conference call I listened in on last week, the one that clearly stated that ‘all is well’ in the world of Company Q, all was not well and last Friday was our Daddy’s last day at work. (Something told me immediately that I should NOT have prayed so hard that he would be home more often!) Monday we skipped formal school work to learn about proper eating habits out of brochures while we sat at social services and the unemployment office, waiting to find out there is not help for us at this time, then we went to the park for some well deserved Physical Education. I knew that today would be the hard day… the first day we had to do school with Daddy around. It was kind of like having the Principal sit in your class room to observe. Only ours was bigger, and could in fact watch all of us at the same time. He opted to sit around the corner, said he was applying for jobs, but WE KNEW he was secretly listening. (ok, so I knew he wasn’t paying us the slightest bit of attention, instead he was searching for a better word to put in his resume, but what THEY don’t know won’t hurt them) I must say I enjoyed telling DoodleBug that her daddy was listening…. muwahahahahaha yes, I am bad…yes, homework was finished faster and neater than ever before. My devious little plan was perfect. Until…. DoodleBug asked Daddy to check her work. To which he proceeded to tell ME she got two wrong. Which is when I told HIM to tell HER… and he did not… and Doodles figured out that Daddy really wasn’t paying attention after all. So Doodles put up her books and went to play. My leverage was completely played out in less than 3 hours. I can always count on him for one thing- taking them outside- they are off pretending to hunt scrogers while the weather is nice. I’m going to try to post again on my other blog so my mom will stop commenting on how I need to post (love you mom ! LOL) and maybe make some Jello for my little hunters. Have a happy school day everyone!

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  1. philip says:

    Sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. I home school my son while my wife is around since she works from home. My wife comes down and visit us as if making class visitation from the principal twice a week.

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