The first 5 things you should do …

After our first five days of unemployment, here are my “First Five Things you should do when the breadwinner of the house gets laid off”

1. Cry- Go ahead, it feels good. Sob if you must. Kids around? Get in the shower, steam it up and let the good tears fall. Let the water wash away all that was because God is about to give you something better.

2. Pray- On your knees is good. (It was the first time in a long time for me, and it felt wonderful) Ask that when God shows you where to turn you SEE it, and you TURN THAT WAY, without hesitation. Be prepared for sharp turns with little notice (I’m convinced God does this to make sure your listening! )

3. Sleep on it- Cuddle up, pile the kids in (if they’re not to big), give extra hugs, pull out your old blankie and throw it on the bed. Then, when all the lights are out, giggle… like when you were a kid at a slumber party and Susie’s mom had come in the room and told you “light’s out girls!” and you were trying sooo hard to keep quiet but you just couldn’t. Let the kids giggle, nudge hubby and get him to giggle (or whatever sound boys make). Then sleep, leave the worrying to God, and be rested for He will have work for you to do tomorrow.

4. Wake up early- No need to wake up at 5 am like you used to, but don’t waste the day laying in bed. Get up, make pancakes! Take the dog for an extra long walk, then start applying for jobs or brushing up the resume or getting set up on Monster, CareerBuilder, the Ladders, LinkedIn, or FaceBook… find old friends and see what they are up to.

5. Make phone calls – Here is where God has done some amazing things for us. Call your creditors, your utility companies, your wireless company. In the past two days I have seen God’s grace and mercy fall down upon us through these people:

  • one credit card company settled a $13000 debt for $3900…
  • our auto loan offered us a 2 month extention so we wouldn’t fall behind
  • my student loans were offered forbearance for economic hardship
  • my wireless company, understanding that in reality we needed his phone for trips out of town for interviews, offered us a free month of service
  • the insurance company wrote us a check on the spot for a tow truck claim
  • our tax refund came in and paid off my dental bill from last week and my personal credit card

Oops… ya’ll I lied.. there are six things. And the sixth thing is what I have tried to do all evening and into our night time prayers.

6. Thank God… Thank you Lord that I even have a husband that can work, that he has received numerous phone calls today, and that for TODAY we are home, and our bellys full, and our bodies warm and safe. We know that Tomorrow is Yours and we will not worry. I cannot wait to arise with the sun and see what wonderful adventures we will have seeking Your Will and running to see which one of us can stand in the middle of it first. Amen.

I hope all my bloggy friends have a blessed evening… night ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “The first 5 things you should do …

  1. Tink says:

    Whew girl! You give me goose bumps and make the hair on my head stand on ends. How beautifully you expressed God’s love and mercy and shared with the world the blessings he has bestowed upon you and your family. My husband has been without work for months also and it can be very frightening. But faith and hope have brought me through another day. Its is heartwarming to hear how God protects us when we ask him to. Always be thankful and never stop praying. You will be in mine as I hope I will be in yours. May God bless and be with you and your family.

  2. Reformedsteve says:

    Matthew 6:25-34 , has been a verse that has given me great comfort in the same situation that you are dealing with. An old baptist preacher by the name of Spurgeon once said that fiery trials make golden Christians. I can sense that the Lord is doing just that in this situation.
    If their is anything you need let me know.

    Sola fide,

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