Just another Monday..

It’s almost 2 in the afternoon… and already my head hurts.  It’s been a productive day, but when you are about three years behind in work to be done it takes more than one productive morning to feel you’ve accomplished anything.  It seems I’ve helped everyone get their stuff done but me! 

I did manage to get two new auction templates created and listed in my MommyAuctions store last Friday, but I have done NO doodling since then!  I have some new tricks I want to practice but I keep getting distracted. 

It’s not all bad distractions.  We had a wonderful day yesterday putting puzzles together.  Nevermind that it was a 3D puzzle and the pieces were horrible to work with.  By 3D, I mean it had that plastic coating that makes the image move when you wiggle it not actually three dimensional.  The puzzle looks pretty cool now that it’s all put together but my goodness I thought it would never happen.  I’d be looking and looking for a white piece only to discover the pink one I had been staring at for hours was WHITE if you moved it a bit. 

The stress from that puzzle didn’t deter us though.  As soon as it was complete we moved on to one of our Thomas Kinkade puzzles.  Once hubby and I were successfully cross eyed from staring at the pieces we heated up some leftover pizza for lunch (don’t judge me… it was Sunday) and watched the 80’s classic “Annie” with the girls.  The movie has special meaning to me that no one will ever understand.  I still cry during the opening scene.  Remembering those days, before I knew my dad and before I really understood what happened, when I used to dream about what he would be like and what life would be like if…. 

Even though I’m all grown up, and I know him, and things are okay it is still emotional to revisit those childish feelings and at the same time it is fun remembering the way I used to dance around my room singing “It’s a hard knock life” or twirling around pretending to me Ms. Grace Ferrell. 

As for today, we are finally done with school.  We had to double up some because tomorrow we are taking a field trip to Waynesboro while the hubby goes for an interview.  This is only the second interview he’s been offered.  It would almost certainly require us to move.  A two hour commute is one thing, a two and a half hour commute is another.  It’s a nice mountain town, very sweet and quaint, but it’s farther away from my family which is the opposite of my desires entirely!   This is one of those times where you just go and try and see because God said to go and try and see….  He always makes better plans than I.

There are thirty more minutes before I have to help Sam clean her room….  thirty more minutes before I voluntarily start a small war in my house.  Hubby is thumbing through the movie library which means I am about to be tempted to forget her room and just crash on the couch with him.  Maybe I should just lay here, and enjoy my time with him.  Pretty soon he’ll be back to work everyday and this time will be missed. 


I just had to stop… and be the kind of mom I don’t want to be…  the angry mom.  I have yet to find anyone that can tell me what to do when they are three feet from you and keep saying stop stop stop stop stop and they dont and they are SEVEN YEARS OLD and they dont even look up or turn their head and you scream STOP STOP STOP and they just go on because stopping is not what they felt like doing.  I’d almost rather she just make faces at me or say no because I can handle that, it’s the absolutely just ignoring me that is making me insane… like “ok, I hear ya mom but that’s not what I had in mind….so um…  no.. i’m gonna do it my way”

wow,  I wonder if this is how Jesus feels….

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One thought on “Just another Monday..

  1. Tink says:

    BOY!!! I’ve been there and done that! Maybe you should consider your next craft project with the girls being a full size red stop sign “on a stick” then instead of repeating yourself you can just hold up the stop sign. I hear sometimes visuals work better. ha ha hope your family has fun tomorrow and good luck with the interview!

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