Do NOT hire me to pack up your house to move..

Apparently when I pack do something so absurd so unheard of that my husband is surprised that I make it through a day unassisted!

According to Mr TaderDoodles….. I ORGANIZE when I pack… I sort and filter through the ever growing piles of crapola and only box up stuff that’s NOT broken, or MISSING a part, or from 1983! I see no need in packing 6 BOXES of shoes when 1 box is filthy and dry rotten, 1 box is full of single shoes, and 2 are too small for any of uw to wear….and even IF Tader Bug can wear all FOUR pairs of boots she doesn’t NEED FOUR PAIRS of boots!

Oddly enough I have chosen NOT to take holey sheets or bath towels, nor am I taking ALL 5,000 naked Barbie Dolls and their UNMATCHED shoes. If this endeavor has proven anything to me it is that my children are perfect content playing with a margerine tub and a wooden spoon in the backyard or bath tub that they do NOT need the entire GIRL department of Toy’s R Us to entertain themselves. Less is MORE…. Less stuff means less time spent cleaning which means MORE time spent together doing something good and wonderful- like playing Barbies with my girls.

You didn’t think I was making them leave ALL of them behind did you? I’m not that mean, nor am I that tough.

I am, however, exhausted…. and while I am grateful that God saw fit to give me wonderfully sunny days to do my final packing (so the kids can play outside), I will admit the crazy high temperatures are slowing my pace a bit. Ah well, it’s still better than rain!

I’ll be back ya’ll, once we’re all settled!


One thought on “Do NOT hire me to pack up your house to move..

  1. Christina says:

    Have a safe move…. I always sort and toss when I move. The one time I was unable, the packers wrapped up the garbage can ~ garbage and all…. That was horrible when I unpacked it 6 weeks later, after moving from Mass to Hawaii!~ OMG

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