It's that time again.

It’s that time again. Time for me to post again, and apologize again for being gone way too long.  I could blame Twitter. Since it lets me ‘micro blog’ in tiny fragments which is almost the extent of my brain function at this point. Tiny fragments of thoughts tossed around the chaos of three little girls and a move and upcoming school and finding a new church and making new friends and starting my business all over again and and and…

But, today is the first day I’ve tweeted in a while.  So, I guess I could blame Facebook and that horribly addictive game FarmTown.  I don’t want to be a complete child though, so I will take responsibility for neglecting my own blog.  I had a lot of posts running around in my head.  Hubby even purchased me a new desk so I could comfortably sit and blog.  I just didn’t.  I played, I sewed, I rode my bike, I helped Abby learn to walk, I prepared for the new school year, and I hung out with my honey.  It seems getting him closer to work cost me a couple of hours of ‘mom time’ but that’s okay.  I like him.

Pretty soon we’ll make that last summer trip to Nanny’s house, the kids will get ready for me to teach school officially and my husband will start getting used to late dinners and a cluttered creative living space-again.  That is when I hope to be able to blog more often.  When I can take a moment while they do work to type a quick howdy and my crazy ideas for the day.

In case you’re wondering if I’ve come up with anything lately…. yes…  I’m designing note cards and I doodled out the plans for a fabric coupon holder that will also hold a note pad that’s 8 1/2 by 11  and folds up like a padfolio.  Well, what else am I supposed to do at 1 am?  SLEEP?  You’re crazy.

This is what I sent my dear auntie this morning in her email.  That’s the other thing I was doing at midnight last night.  I could have cleaned house but that might have disturbed the children and we NEVER want to disturb a sleeping child: EVER, EVER, EVER!

So I doodled, because that is relatively quiet and it makes my eyes warm after I stare at the screen for a long time and it helps me feel the urge to go to bed.  It worked, until about 4 am, when AbbyDabby woke up and decided I did NOT need anymore sleep.

For all my loving, loyal readers I’m going to leave you with a question, an opportunity to leave some link love in the comments and a promise to post something good again soon!

I need ideas for our homeschool workboxes, craft ideas, favorite sites for printables, audio books, online play.  I’m collecting bottle caps… got cute ideas for them?  Anyone know of kid friendly ways to grow something hydroponically? (yeah, I probably spelled that incorrectly)  Have any ideas for things to put in our sensory bucket?  I look forward to hearing your ideas! 

Remember: you can always find me sticking my foot in my mouth on twitter (TaderDoodles) and now you can find me on FaceBook