I guess that's what it was supposed to taste like.

Good morning friends!

I’m hoping we all survived yesterday. If you live in my house then survival was by the skin of your teeth. Hormones: nature’s hit man. The fabulous Mr. B came home in the final inning last night and entertained the little rug rats sweethearts so I could take a refreshing, energizing bath. Unfortunately this county water couldn’t energize me if it was struck by lightening; sometimes being clean has to be the silver lining. He held the babes at bay long enough for Pandora on my Blackberry to lock up but not long enough for my water to get cold…good enough for me.

While I was hiding, there were pork chops in some ‘stuff’ in a dish in the oven. I’d like to thank my friends from Twitter and Facebook who gave me some recipes and ideas (Beth, Steph, and Melanie). I didn’t follow any of them (just missing ingredients that’s all) but it did give me some direction to try a few things on the chops for flavor. Smelled scary and burned my nostrils a little while it cooked but in the end it tasted…. well, like pork. I guess that’s the important part.

I managed, while the noodles boiled, to get my first product listed in my new Zazzle store! Turtle Doodling is now proudly displaying the flamingo card from my previous post! I am hoping to get more listed today; however, my Doodle Bug has her first visit with the ENT for her tonsils. I’m fully expecting (and almost looking forward to hearing) a recommendation to remove the oversized marbles but I fear Doodle’s may have a small panicky moment either in the office or just outside the front door.

So here are a few fun links to play with while we’re gone today, and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have something even more crazy to share!

History of Pink Flamingos

Pork Recipes
A randomly chosen cool mom blog I follow: Mommy Confessions

Before I go!!! I have a few friends due to have beautiful babies soon and that means I will soon be participating in my first “meal train”. I need ideas ladies… We’re talking about feeding 4-7 people a full meal when I can’t get the five in my house to eat the same thing for dinner. I need tips to make it yummy for mommy, daddy, kids and a nursing baby!