Maybe I'm just slow

It’s been a rough day, not terrible..there are people way worse off than me right now.  My aunt is one, bad bad day there.  My hubby has to work late (real late), bad bad day there.  And my friends, online and off, in the hospitals with sick kids… really really bad day.  I can’t even imagine, nor dare compare myself too…  but I’m human and I did take a moment at my keyboard to put my head down and have a mini pity party.  Call it a time out before I hit someone party.  When I saw this for the first time:

not the sharpie marker…  i knew about that already…

When did they start putting cheats on the keys?  and are they on all keys or does my hubby just have some fancy *bleeping* keyboard that he’s been hiding from me for all these years? 

 Yes, it’s been THAT kind of day where I find this worthy of posting to my blog…

Thank you for listening.

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