A foggy headed momma

As you enter the main road over the mountain there is a sign, complete with flashing lights, to warn you of fog on the mountain. Slow down, pay attention, turn on your lights. Today I need a sign, maybe on my shirt, with flashing lights:

“Foggy Headed Momma: slow down, be quiet, give her hot tea and the tv remote and you might get out alive”

You see, for five days I’ve had my little cousin here with us. She’s six, I think. Which meant I had four girls, age 7 and under, in my house for almost a week.  (Those of you with LOTS of kids are laughing at me, and those of you with only 1 or 2 are shuddering)  Honestly, it was loads of fun . . . until, momma got sick.  I played tough, chin up, vapo rub on my chest.  We still went to the library and to the lake.  We still sang songs on the four hour car ride to take her home yesterday.  Now, I pay the price for playing.

I want so badly to sew, or fold laundry, or vacuum, or doodle, or do dishes, or ANYTHING but everytime I get started I get whoooozy.  Right now as I type this I’m thinking how it would be easy to go downstairs to the garage and fold the load of towels and move the stuff in the washer over.  Realistically that walk down the stairs will wear me OUT! 

To make matters worse, I’m sitting here staring at a to do list a mile long: pack for the girls trip to moms, get invites out for Bubbagirls bday party, find K’s dress and mail it to her, etc. etc.  UGH….  frustration does not help a stuffy head and yelling at everyone to be quiet does not help a sore throat. 

Soooo,  I will narrow down my list a bit.  Anything involving the telephone (talking) is off.  Working out- out of the question. Cleaning, well it can wait another day.  The pot roast is in the pot, and everyone has clean clothes for at least another day.  Maybe it would be okay if I napped with Bubbagirl.  Maybe the world won’t fall apart if take it easy for a moment.  Maybe tomorrow the fog will clear . . .