Don't open the windows….

Even though the weather is getting milder.  Even though some fresh air would probably help my tension level a bit. Even though. . .  I will NOT open the windows.

I just cannot bring myself to let the neighbors hear this mess!  The baby is teething, my new Kindergartner can’t decide if she does or does not want to do school, and my ‘teenage’ second grader keeps screaming “THEY ARE DISTRACTING ME MOM!!”

I know the teething will pass, and things will settle down, but in the meantime…  these windows are staying shut and the voices will stay inside.

One thought on “Don't open the windows….

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had this same dilemma so many times! Beautiful weather, but my three girls (aged 10, 6, and 2) make WAY too much noise! Homeschooling is not always a quiet pursuit. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one with these issues. I hope you have a more peaceful day soon.

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