WFMW "Worksheet Wednesdays"

This year we are trying out a modified workbox setup for school. I say modified because I have not yet purchased the wonderful ebook that actually explains how to do this properly (something I will be doing soon because while I love this idea I am working myself to death at the moment… not entirely the workboxes fault).
Today, day three of school, my girls came downstairs to find their workboxes still stacked up from yesterday. The littlest one almost cried at the thought of NO KINDERGARTEN today. Good thing for her I had decided to make today “Worksheet Wednesday”. We have some cutting practice, some writing, some math, and of course reading (with a mini book report worksheet).
Here’s one of the worksheets I created for DoodleBug, my second grader, as a fractions refresher:

Fractions 1/2
To help motivate her with her math drills I made her some skip counting drill sheets and SCORE CARDS!

Skip Counting 2s Drill Sheet
I have some great freebies I have collected from The Simple Homeschool… LOVE HER STUFF!
Then I might have our Principal Daddy help research Prince Henry the Navigator. He’s much better at that sort of thing than I am. My job was to find really cool pages to use to make our Explorer’s Notebook with!
Worksheet Wednesdays are what Works For Me!
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